11 August 2008

Reaffirmation: When the going gets tough, the tough go

I made the right decision with my education, my direction, the choices I've made for a career.

My job amazes me every day. The research that goes into each lesson, the imagination that I have to employ, and the moments sitting across from an eager and open mind, these are the things that make me wake up to go back to work. I get home buzzed, eager to review my methods and their responses. I edit, research, and prepare for the next day, and I never stop thinking about how to make something clear, how to get through.

These are the things I would be doing anyway, problem solving on the level of psychological response and education. How-to. I teach myself, I read, and I collect other's methods and read those. It's a cycle.

My most recent job, the interview ended with the shift lead asking "What do you want to accomplish here?" My response, "I want to take your job." He thought it was funny. Within 5 months I had his job. I trained employees, streamlined, documented problems and brought them to the meetings.

A friend wanted a website. I know his capabilities and I made him one that he could run with his limited tech abilities. I wrote and rewrote and started over so that it could not possibly be easier.

I look forward to teaching new things for the challenge. Today, it is ESL. Tomorrow, I do not know.

The beauty of my job: I once taught a blog-writing seminar and I told the high-schoolers: "If you want people to respond well to your blog, you have to pretend you know everything. At the very least, you have to be able to shoulder the challenge when it arrives."

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