01 December 2008

Because There Was None

The major project to top off the end of the school year in May is to host a poetry recitation. I've chosen six poems of great fun and rhythm, and ease for a six-year-old memory but complexity for a fourth-grade reader that is my daughter. Because I have chosen them so early in relationship to event, they are also to be a basis for a few lessons over the next few months. I've managed, however, to choose at least three poems that no one on the world wide webiverse has ever put into a lesson, or at least shallow enough in my searches to reach me before my patience ran out.

It is not the first time that I have chosen to create a lesson around something that I cannot get any lesson ideas for, not, of course, that I tend to duplicate them, just that the vast accumulation of knowledge tends to trigger my own imagination.

No, this is only the first time that I have been moved to share my imaginative creations with this unfufilling web world. I do not write lesson plans, quite the contrary, I have the freedom to be spontaneous with my lessons.

Without further ado, the new blog, with lesson ideas from which the web world may draw thoughts from to create lesson plan, currently unimaginatively titled

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